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Camera Intraoral Sem Fio Monitor 17.png

Wireless and with 17" Monitor

Features and Advantages


  • The camera has a 1/4" high definition image sensor;

  • The 17" monitor features a high definition resolution of 1280 X 1024 pixels;

  • Full USB port allows for easy image transfer;

  • High definition real-time video input allows for fast playback and simple patient diagnosis;

  • Camera buttons are easily accessible to control capture and playback functions;

  • It has automatic focus, zoom and light intensity control; 

  • Supports input: USB, VGA, HDMI and AV;

  • Four-channel wireless transmitter and receiver with 5.8GHz wireless transmission protocol;

  • Media playback format includes: MP4 video and JPG images;

  • Monitor adjustments include: Contrast, Brightness and Color;

  • The monitor comes equipped with a tempered glass front panel to minimize scratches;

  • Display Setup Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic;

  • Easy integration of the LCD monitor directly with the intraoral camera without the need to install software or special cables;

  • The Wi-Fi transmitter (optional) allows images to be displayed on the monitor and on remote computers simultaneously for easy viewing, transfer and management of images.


Technical specifications

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