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Who we are

BIOTRON is a technology-based company that develops solutions and manufactures technological equipment for the dental and electromedical market. It has in its philosophy and as the basis of the company the practices of ' QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION '. These pillars that support the company's decisions are also the great differentials of its products. It has technological innovation as a competitive advantage and differential in its market.

In continuous evolution!

Founded in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, MG in 2007 by Paulo Vlady and Cláudia Fernandes, every year Biotron reinvests in technology, innovation and resources to always be one step ahead. Since the beginning of its activities, it has customers throughout the national territory and the brand established in its market. Additionally, BIOTRON is proud of the following achievements:

NBR ISO 9001:2008

Its commitment to customers led BIOTRON to be the first company in Brazil to achieve such certification in a business incubation environment.


Operating authorization.  Process: 25351.301192/2010-86 - Authorization/MS: KX28L69LMHML (8.06527.6). DOU 119 - 06/24/2010.


He received several awards, among the main ones from ANPEI - National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies and FINEP through the Brazilian Innovation Agency.


It has the certificate of 'Entrepreneurial Excellence' conferred by PROINTEC and the Municipal Mayor.


It currently has four national patents for Technological Innovation.

Innovation starts with research!


  State Winner in the Industry category, of the 2010 MPE BRAZIL AWARD – Quality and Competitiveness Award for Micro and Small Enterprises held by SEBRAE/GERDAU.


In 2015, its innovation process was recognized and publicized as a model to be followed during the 6th Brazilian Congress on Industry Innovation.

These awards really prove how hard our R&D department has been. We are known for our innovative, customer-focused approach to providing easy-to-use, healthcare technology. Technology is at the heart of what we do.


"We accept each new challenge with an open mind, simplicity and the humility that is typical of someone starting out in the business, but we are also able to build on the experience we have accumulated over the last 15 years."

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