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Dental Radiographic Revelation with Illumination

Features and Advantages


  • It has lighting with on/off switch activation, which allows full visualization of the interior of the chamber and does not damage the radiography;

  • Lighting performed by means of LEDs;

  • Two-tone material that prevents the entry of external light;

  • Removable lid and base that facilitate cleaning and chemical replacement;

  • With suction system for fixing;

  • Large translucent red acrylic display with ultraviolet protection;

  • Removable base facilitating waste collection, cleaning and disinfection;

  • Easy replacement cups that allow for greater chemical savings;

  • Comfortable, removable and washable gloves;

  • Modern and innovative design that provide greater internal space and facilitate hand handling;

  • Light, portable, ergonomic and in resistant bicolor material of high durability and without oxidation risks;

  • There is no need to change light bulbs and does not use electricity.


Technical specifications

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