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camara desgaste exautor.png

with extractor and lighting

Features and Advantages:


  • Large transparent display that allows perfect visualization of the work from various angles;

  • Easy-to-remove display for cleaning with the possibility of replacement in order to make your camera always look like new;

  • Low cost, light, practical and functional;

  • Modern and innovative design that allows use on the lap or bench and provides greater internal space facilitating hand handling;

  • Uses ambient lighting with full view of the interior of the camera;

  • Lighting by means of LEDs, which generates an area of homogeneous brightness;

  • Removable cover and base that facilitate cleaning and replacement of the display;

  • Tray for waste collection;

  • Rings that facilitate the removal of gloves for cleaning;

  • It has ample internal space that facilitates the handling of the hands;

  • Light, portable, ergonomic and made of resistant material with high durability and no risk of oxidation;

  • Low consumption;

  • Low noise exhaust fan;

  • The viewfinder and sleeve items and the waste filter can be purchased separately to ensure your camera always looks like new.


Technical specifications

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