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Model 5L Biotron - AD5LB
Model 12L Biotron - AD12LB
Model 21L Biotron - A21LB

Features and Advantages:


  • External coating entirely in powder coated metallic material, eliminating any risk of oxidation and highly resistant to temperature variation;

  • Stainless steel sterilization chamber highly resistant to temperature, pressure and oxidation;

  • Self-managed microprocessor controller, ensuring perfect operation during the cycle; 

  • Door with sensors that start the cycle only with the door fully locked;

  • Safety valve against excessive pressure;

  • Safety thermostat that shuts down the autoclave if it overheats;

  • Digital manometer.

Technical specifications

Attention: only autoclave instruments, with the inscription "autoclavable" in their instruction manual.​

Accessories and Parts that come with the product:


  • Accessories and Parts that come with the Autoclave:

  • Support (1 support is provided for each Autoclave model);

  • Trays (2 trays are provided for all models - except the 5 liter model, which comes with only 1 tray);

  • Dosing Cup; 

  • Energy cable;

  • Nylon clamp;

  • Hose;

  • Optional (Support with 3 trays for autoclaves with a capacity of over 12 liters).

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