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Features and Advantages


  • High power LED, high brightness, long life and low heating;

  • LED intensity of 1200 mW/cm²;

  • Easy-to-read LCD display;

  • Charging base with digital radiometer;

  • Automatic turning off of the LED at the end of the programmed time;

  • Visual and audible indication of low battery charge;

  • It has battery and the option of wireless operation;

  • It has a fiber optic tip;

  • Working modes: continuous, pulsed and ramp;

  • Indicated for Photopolymerization of resins, tooth whitening and bonding of orthodontic brackets and accessories;

  • Timer for polymerization: 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds.


Light Curing Mode of Operation


  • Continuous Mode: The curing light will operate in full force mode.
  • Pulsed Mode: The curing light will operate in full power mode for 0.9 second and off for 0.9 second.

  • Ramp Mode: The curing light will operate gradually for 25 seconds until it reaches full power.

Technical specifications

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